How Would I get Clients?

  • The first, I would design professional flyers, that include the phone number, address, and website of the company. I would make sure they well designed and are visually appealing. I would post my flyer at strategic locations around neighborhood of potential customers I wish to attract. I could also promote the company or upcoming events on social media sites such as (twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).
  • The second would be to join the professional networks communities and attend professional events in the company’s geographical location. Attend professional seminars that have similar interest as my company. I could also get current customers to possibly refer friends and acquaintances. I could offer them discounts on events or select access to sales sites. I could engage organizations in the local community with select access to local artist through the company’s website.
  • The third, I would start to write a blog with plentiful content. The new and unique blog will be helped for SEO. According to Matt Cutts, the public face of Google, WordPress takes care of 80-90% of SEO. I would use WordPress to start my blog, to include interviews with local artist, tutorials by local artist on variety of art workshops. I could also use the blog to promote new and amateur artist in the local communities. I would add visual content or links to the company’s site in the blog. I can link the company’s Instagram pictures to the blog page for those who wish more in depth information about the company.


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How Would I get Clients?

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